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Quote Conversion - "Rubber Stamp"

The "Order Entry / Addresses" tab and the "Order Notes" tab of the quote conversion screen may be used to copy the same information to multiple orders created from the same project. This feature is most used by sales representatives, but is useful for distributors using the project change order features.

Order Entry / Addresses

The ship to address is the most useful and is typically a project job site. Click on the "Our Addresses" to switch to one of your addresses (e.g. the address of the office). The "Address Book" may be used to open the OASIS customer contact database

The order entry section contains the following items which are copied to the order. Once the order is created, the values may be changed on the order (nice if just one order is different for some reason):

  • Mark - marking instructions
  • Call Before - call before instructions
  • CSR - the CSR following the order
  • Stamp - stamp to use on the order
  • Freight Type - (e.g. ground, UPS red, etc)
  • Freight account
  • Lot Net Billing
  • Required on Site request
  • Don't Ship Before request

Order Notes

The notes entered here are copied to the orders created for the current project.

It is also possible to use the Text Clips to save common text items.