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Last modified on 8/13/2015 11:04 AM by User.

Split the quote into multiple orders

It is possible to split a quote into multiple customer orders. (For reps, this may mean the same manufacturer but different customer PO numbers.)

Converting the first order

To convert the first order, begin by selecting the Manufacturers tab (required for agents and distributors). The initial PO number must be keyed onto the screen:

Next, select the Bill of Material screen and check only the items to be converted (ordered) on the first customer order. (Note that only the first item will be ordered.)

Press the "Create" button and send the first order.

Converting the remaining order(s)

For each remaining order, perform these steps:

  1. Start the conversion
  2. Change the customer PO number (REQUIRED)
  3. Select the remaining material to convert
  4. Press the convert button

Starting on the quote - notice the highlighted lines showing the items that have already been ordered:

Press the convert PO button (or "Create POs" from the "File" menu) to show the conversion screen. Start by changing the customer PO number to match the second order number:

Next, select the Bill of Material tab:

Notice that the lines on the quote that are already ordered show as "Skip" or are hidden. The remaining items to be converted to the new order should be check marked. Just press the "Create" button to create the new order.