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Last modified on 8/13/2015 10:54 AM by User.


Quote Conversion - Select individual item(s)

This feature allows users to select individual items to convert.

This quote has five line items for the factory. The earnings have not been specified (cost / commission / overage) and are highlighted in yellow to alert the quoter or CSR that is converting it to an order.


Sorting the material

For most reps, this control should show "Line Number". Distributors might want to chose "Fixture Type / Manufacturer".

The goal in sorting the material is to allow the same item with the same fixture type to be combined together (or not combined) when the order is created. This allows for the same item in different options (for example, add / deduct options on the quote) to be combined.

Sort type Usage
Line Number The line number sort actually disables the sort and keeps the listing in the conversion screen the same as how the items are entered on the quote
Fixture Type / Manufacturer The bill of material is sorted, only including winning options (if options are used). Lines with the same fixture type and part number are combined together and the total quantity is the sum of all matching entries.
Manufacturer / Fixture Type See "Fixture Type / Manufacturer" but the ordering is manufacturer (sub brand/child brand) first

Filtering the material

The bill of material may be filtered for a specific brand for the factory (nice for conglomerates or to simply find an item that needs to be immediately released). Just click on the "Filter for:" drop down and select the related brand.

"Hide no change lines" is only useful when re-converting the quote. Lines that have already been converted and not changed on the quote are hidden, allowing the user to see the adds and changes.

Selecting items

By default, all items are selected when a manufacturer is selected or when the conversion screen is shown:

The "Select All" and "Select None" buttons are nice to clear or select all items quickly. When the create button is selected, only the lines with a check mark will convert to the order.

Column details

For each item, the following items show:

  • A check to select the item for conversion (will not be active if there is no change between the quote and the order)
  • A label showing "Add New" or "Change"
  • "From" will show whether the information is from a line on the quote (multiple may show if quote lines are being sorted and merged together) or from a line on the order.
  • Quantity shows the number of items
  • Type is the fixture types
  • Brand may show different brands if a resell order is being created or if combine brands is active for the manufacturer (agency version only)
  • Catalog number
  • Extended sell and extended earnings
  • Unit sell and unit earnings.