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Last modified on 8/13/2015 10:44 AM by User.

Quote Conversion - Select Manufacturer


This quote has material for two manufacturer and the customer has issued two PO numbers - one for each manufacturer. Additionally, one manufacturer has issued a quote number for this project. No orders have yet been converted.



The manufacturers tab shows each manufacturer on the quote. Please note that all resell items would be "rolled up" to a single entry labeled "All Resell Items" (not shown). Additionally, manufacturers set with a parent company and "Merge Brands" will not show. Instead, the product from these manufacturers will "roll up" to the parent company.


The quoted values show everything on the quote marked in "win options" (if options are used). The earnings are also shown.


The freight control is used to indicate on the order (when created) if the freight terms are to be auto calculated, freight allowed, or prepaid and add. Changing this control after the order is created has no affect on the order.

On Order

The on order section shows the PO number to use when the create button is pushed. Adjusting the PO number after the order is created will have no affect on the order, but will initiate the creation of a new order for the same manufacturer if the quote is converted again later (product already on order will not be added to any new order).

The MFG Quote control is useful to record an factory quote numbers. We do recommend using the column "MFG Quote" on the quote and order instead. This allows for more flexibility if multiple quote numbers are used and integrates better with most factory data systems.

The total order price and earnings are shown for all existing orders associated with this quote. The numbers may be refreshed by pressing the "Refresh" button at the bottom of the screen.