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  • Users have several options when printing quotes. What is shown on the quote ...
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    Overhaul of structure, content, grammar, etc. (Screenshots are new enough.)
  • With the OASIS Projects and Quotes system, users can see a list of the overall ...
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    Updated screenshots and contents.
  • One of the advantages of OASIS is the ability to manage projects, especially ...
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    Major overhaul of document
  • The follow ups tab is used for adding notes to the job, mentioning phone ...
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    fixed image link
  • One of the features in OASIS is the use of color to identify certain things. We ...
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    Overhauled document, screenshots and content
  • The option codes in the quotes and projects area of OASIS can be very useful ...
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  • The Code column allows users to adjust their quote as needed. Insert Notes, ...
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    Added some tags to make it easier to find