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12 Month Recap


Very similar to the PO Summary report except this report is more focused on Sales, Earnings (Comm & Overage), Invoiced dollars and Paid dollars, then comparing that to last year. The report can be filtered many different ways including “by Sales Account”

To run:

Go to Reports. Then Worksheets (toolbar) and select “Top Down Reporting”.


The default Row Headings to run the report are by Manufacturer, so the report will be broken out by Manufacturer.

It assumes the current year, but may be set to look further back

Click all the boxes (shown below) for the items you want to appear on the report.

The “Group By” and “Selection” filters at the bottom of the screen may be used to filer as well.

 After your filter selections are made, Click Update (upper left of the screen) to create the report.

 Sample below