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Manufacturer Version



OASIS™ software is specifically created to run the business of Manufacturer Sales Agents. OASIS™ has the fastest growing user base in the country. Some of your sales reps are already using our program to help improve their productivity.

You may have noticed an increased requests for pricing in Excel spreadsheet format and PDF images from your agents. You may also have noticed more emailed orders, requests for quotes, and spec registrations all using new formats.

Five years ago, we started working with a large manufacturer's rep agency to find a solution to their growing needs for software able to manage projects from start to completion with functionality and flexibility. Our answer is OASIS™. Compared to any of the other offerings in the industry, OASIS™ is a complete solution. It offers:

  • Single entry of data into bill of material that can be converted to multiple quotes for different customers allowing the user to keep track of differing counts for each customers.
  • Electronic exchange of quote requests, order entry, invoice/payment data, and many other possibilities. OASIS™ is ready to exchange data if the factory is!
  • Submittals produced straight from a quote entered into the system using PDF cutsheets provided by your company.
  • Order conversion from a quote.
  • Change orders, RMA’s, etc. can be handled electronically through OASIS™.
  • Use of the latest technology for more flexibility, fewer errors, and is ready for the future!
  • A stable relational database successfully used by Fortune 500 companies that won’t lose data and almost eliminates downtime.

We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about OASIS™ itself and how it may affect your business. We would like to offer the opportunity to do the following:

Increase your knowledge of OASIS™, opening up possibilities for improved communication with your reps and help us deliver a better product to them.

Improve direct electronic exchange of data via EDI or your own proprietary data protocols, allowing customers to directly send orders, requests for quotes, RMA, invoices, shipping, etc.

Allow your agents to either download or obtain electronic pricing and PDF images.

We would be happy to give you a personalized
online demo of OASIS™ and discuss how it might be helpful to both you and your agents.


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