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Agency Version


Oasis is the Manufacturer Representative Agent's software that has been specifically designed to help the Agency run its business more efficiently and effectively.  Agents can key data in once and have it flow all the way through the sales process increasing efficiency and reducing mistakes. It helps you:

  • Create and track Quotes, Orders, Shipments, Invoices and Commission Payments.
  • Create high quality Submittals right from your desktop using the bill of material from a quote.
  • Grow your business, the Relational Database technology scales easily from one user to hundreds of users.

Contact Management

  • Handle all of your business contacts with Oasis, from mailing lists to managing individual contacts at each Distributor or Manufacturer location.
  • Send quotes and orders directly to contacts at factories or other customers using contact information contained in OASIS.

Manufacturers & Customers

  • Track Order, Destination and Specification credit.
  • Handle costs for factories that allow resale and configure customers for resale as well.
  • Setup your own resale company in OASIS, creating quotes, orders and track them throughout the system.
  • Easily enter price lists into OASIS so that with a click or two, parts with description and pricing can be dropped into your quote or order.


  • Auto calculate commissions, overage and margins showing you total earnings on a job.
  • Bid different distributors or several distributors quoting the same contractor.
  • Track count differences by contractor.
  • Track which combinations of distributors and contractors are most profitable to your agency.
  • Electronically attach reminders, E-mails, Faxes and other electronic documents to each quote.
  • View job history - Virtually every transaction from a simple note or e-mail to all quotes, orders, invoices and payments are attached to the quote, available to view or print at any time.

Creating Submittals

  • Convert Quotes to submittals in pdf format that can be printed or e-mailed in full color.
  • Cut time spent on submittals, the "Learn" feature of OASIS can create new submittals at the press of a button.
  • Using a consistent format, help project decision makers focus on your products and not searching the page for product configuration information.

Order System

  • Convert Quotes (Bids) to Orders without reentering any data!
  • Create orders in OASIS with easy to follow screens.
  • Automatic reminders to have the CSR personnel follow-up on shipping information.
  • Create Hold, Released, or Partially Released orders .
  • Create resale orders with the Resale company order as well as the Distributor order .
  • Print Change Orders that show only items changed clearly showing what changes need to be made at the factory.

Invoices & Payments

  • Easily attach Invoices to the PO's as they come in.
  • Quickly add any shipping info while entering the invoice.
  • Create a matching PO on the fly for those orders directly from the distributor to the factory.
  • Pay invoices accurately, tracking all unpaid invoices, backlog reporting and accurate Commissions for Account reporting.


  • Run Backlog to track orders not fully paid.
  • Create Weekly Bookings with all kinds of drill downs and filters.
  • View Summary reports that track performance.
  • Generate Commissions for Accounts reports to pay your employees.
  • Create specialized reports for your specific need with our Top Down reporting tool.
  • Save any report so that just double-clicking will reproduce your report the next period.

Project Management

  • Group quotes into projects
  • Save job related documents in one convenient location, electronically!
  • Keep track of who-said-what using our follow up system
  • Track differing contractor counts in the same quote
  • Answer customer questions in a breeze


  • Communicate directly with the manufacturer for Quote Requests, direct order entry, order status updates, shipping status, invoices, commissions/payments over many different formats.
  • Streamline the process from quoting, to ordering, to shipping, to invoicing, to paying easier and allowing the agency to focus on selling more product, not on managing paper.