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Last modified on 10/10/2011 2:28 PM by User.

Setting up multiple database connections in OASIS

Multiple Database Connections in OASIS

This document will explain how to set OASIS up to connect to either multiple databases or the same database from different locations through different IP addresses.

First, you must log in as an OASIS administrator. From there, go to Configuration > Software and click 'Database Connection'. A small window will appear. Change the 'Kind' drop down menu to 'Ask'. Then click OK and restart OASIS.

When you restart OASIS, you will see the "Connection Manager" window. To add a line for a new connection, click the 'Add' button.

You will need to add a few pieces of information for the connection to work. First, give it a name. This can be anything. Then, select the kind of connection by clicking the 'kind' field and selecting the type from the drop down menu. (In most cases, Sybase will be the connection type.) Next, enter the server IP and port information. (Check with your IT personnel for the correct IP addresses. In almost all cases, the port will be 2638.) The username and password fields will both be "oasis". You can set one of them as the default connection by putting a check in the "DFLT" box. Once these are set up, click "Go" to connect.

In the image above, there are two connections set up: one for a local connection and one for a remote connection, using two different IP addresses. It will work the same with multiple databases in one location.