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Shipping Reports for Customers
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Shipping Reports for Customers


Entering shipping information whether downloaded from a factory or entered manually, can be a huge advantage for your company if that information can get to your customers. One method is by adding the OASIS Web Option. This allows customers to log into a web portal so they can see orders & shipping information they have with your company online hopefully saving customer service calls. We also understand that not all customers will do this nor does every group have this feature. So there are other ways to take advantage of entering shipping information – Reporting. Once shipping information is entered , users can run 2 reports that will provide customers this information and can be emailed quickly and easily. Reports for a single order or the entire project.

Here’s how:

Single order reporting

-          Open the order

-          In the example below, the first 2 lines have a “Scheduled” ship date of 9/30 and the 3rd line have an “Actual” ship date of 9/26.


-          To create a shipping report, go to “Reports” on the toolbar and select “Order Status”

-          The print dialog box will appear.

-          If emailing, set the Output To as “Send Message” (will create a PDF and attach it)

-          The default print is the first option that lists the items in the same order as the PO. (List using the order’s bill of materials)

-          Other sort options are available

-          Click OK.

An example of the report is below.

All lines that have shipping information will be shown.

Its design is suitable for sending to a customer. 

Report for the entire project

-          Open the Project/Quote

-          Go to Reports (on the toolbar) and select “Project Status”

-          If sending as email, then set Output to as “Send Message”

-          Click OK.

-          The Send Message window will appear and allow you to enter the email address, add another attachment and type a message.

-          When ready, click Send


An example of the report is shown below.

-          The information on each order from the entire job, sorted by manufacturer.