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Configuration Editor


A configuration is an item that can be built (or has been built in the past) with a matching catalog number. All configurations are part of a series. It is possible to have two configurations for the same series (e.g. one for low quantity builds and another for high quantity builds).

(Look for more development with configurations at a later date.)

Configuration Editor


  • Catalog Number - the catalog number for the configuration (required - not editable)
  • Description - description of the configuration
  • Active - is the configuration active?
  • Created - user and date - will be blank for all lists created in revisions of OASIS prior to W415
  • Updated - last user and date to update the price list
  • Options - view only of the selected series options
  • Material - Material used to build the item
  • Build Steps - steps required to build the item.
  • Money - Any pricing over-rides when using the configuration
  • Attachments - the standard OASIS attachments. PDF files stored here are available elsewhere in OASIS


This is simply a list of the options in the configuration - for reference only.


Material used to build one item (in most cases).


  • QTY - number of items required to build one finished item
  • MFG - OASIS manufacturer entry identifying the raw material vendor
  • Part - the item as recorded by the vendor
  • Note - Notes about how the item will be used in this configuration.

Build Steps

Steps to use when building one item.


  • Step - name of the step - required.
  • Note - description of actions to take
  • Hours - the time (in hours) required for one item during the step. For reference only.


In some cases, the series results in a price that is significantly higher and above market value. Using a configuration, the price may be fixed (typically lower) than what the series would result.


  • User Series Pricing - ignore entries here and use the series pricing logic
  • Base Cost - average cost to build this item (for internal users only - not sent to reps).
  • Base Sell - the lowest sell price.
  • Base Commission - commission for the base sell.
  • Overageable Sell - When overage begins for the reps
  • Overageable Commission - the commission at the Overageable sell
  • Overageable Split - the split allowed for a sell price over the overageable sell


  • File
    • Save - save any changes.
    • Print - not currently implemented
    • Close - close window - ask first if changes have been made
  • Edit
  • Tools
  • Help - standard OASIS help menu

Tool Bar

  • Save - save any changes
  • Print - not currently implemented
  • Show Search - show/hide search (task) bar
  • Help - show help

Task Bar

Not used at this time