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Manufacturer Editor
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Manufacturer Editor


Setting up your manufacturers in OASIS is a very integral piece of the system. The only 2 items that have to be entered are the manufacturer name and manufacturer ID. However, OASIS can track and use much more information about the manufacturer if you want to input it. Below is an explanation of the various tabs of information collected by OASIS and how it is used. The following article was created to cover the setup of basic manufacturers that do not have connectivity with OASIS.  There are special configuration documents for those manufacturers who have connectivity which can be found in the manufacturer connectivity wiki

The General tab

NOTE – the only two required fields to use a manufacturer are the Manufacturer Name and ID

To create a new manufacturer go to: Manufacturers>green "+" symbol

Field Descripton
Manufacturer Name Full Name of the Manufacturer

Manufacturer ID

Brief name usually no more than 5-7 characters to clearly identify the factory. Keeping the ID as short as possible will allow it to show clearly on documents that uses an ID column to indicate the Mfg.

Parent Company (optional)

If the manufacturer has a Parent Company, you may want to consider creating a manufacturer or identifying an existing mfg called the “The Parent Company”. Example – The parent company of Any Lighting Systems might be Big Lighting Company. We would then identify the parent as Big Lighting Company.

Merge Brands Check this box if users can send combined orders containing multiple brands under a parent umbrella company.  Confirm this with the recipient manufacturer first, before selecting this option.


By default it is set to Active.  You must use this setting most of the time.  

Inactive- used if you no longer represent a manufacturer.  It is recommended to use inactive rather than deleting a mfg so a record is kept.

Parent – This designates the mfg as a parent but restricts it from being used on Quotes & Orders

Parent Shown-  This designates the mfg as a parent but allows it to be used on Quotes & Orders

Reference Only – may only be referenced in a Quote

Specialization Manufacturers with connectivity will have a specialization in OASIS. See the individual manufacturer's connectivity page for information about how to set up connectivity. Use the Configure Specialization link to map brands and more. 
E-Mail O2O For manufacturers using OASIS,  this check box allows agents to email transactions with an O2O (OASIS format) file that manufacturers can use to bring the data into their OASIS system without having to rekey it. 

Product Description

Add a customized description of this Manufacturer's product

Product Type

Select from available product types.  Products types can be configured in the Manufacturer's configuration section. Please contact Ingen for more information. 

Advertise & Web Advertise 

If checked it will show on Line Card when printed or on OASIS web interface. 
Logo Drag & Drop your mfg logo in JPG or GIF format, resize using the Zoom dial or drag with mouse.

Search Keys

Shown as the "MCard" with the Y/N check box.  
Refer to Search Keys help sheet 


Contact Information Tab


Field Description

Mail, Ship, Remit To

Various correspondence addresses for the Manufacturer

Phone, Email and other numbers

Used to track as much contact information as possible. These fields are configurable to meet your needs. Double-click in a cell under the Kind column to select a type

WWW Add the manufacturer's web information for use in different parts of the program. 


Contacts Tab

Where the Contact Information tab contains generic contact information for the company as a whole, the Contacts Tab contains information about individuals that work for the mfg.  It is important to enter as much information as possible. OASIS allows you to email or fax documents to these contacts as long as they have a valid email address or fax number in OASIS.  These contacts will also show up in the Contacts application on the main OASIS screen.


Field Desciption


Checking this box forces Oasis to use this contact as the default and assigns this contact automatically for all emailed orders. 

Quoter Checking this box forces Oasis to use this contact as the default and assigns this contact automatically for all requests for a quote. 
Title Mr./Ms./Dr./Lt.
First First Name
Middle Middle Name
Last Last Name
Suffix Jr
Position Job Title
Department Department contact works in
Phone phone number
Ext Extension 
FAX Fax number
Email  Email address
Web User User ID for contact used by OASIS Web Portal (optional piece of OASIS)
Web Pass Password assigned to this user
Pass Expires Expiration date for User's password


Terms Tab – consists of 5 different tabs (right side of the window)

Order Terms tab




Field Description
Account Required for Order

Used primarily for manufacturers that have direct connectivity. Account numbers are required by every manufacturer with connectivity so they can correctly identify the customer in their system. 

Warn CSR- Notify CSR any time the customer does not have an account number but don't prevent the creation of an order. 

Do Not Allow Order-  Prevent the creation of an order if the customer does not have an account number

Allow Order- Does not check to see if the customer has an account number (prevents the pop up)

Agent Number Agent's number for that manufacturer

Resell OK

Check if this mfg allows you to resell their products 

Resell Only 

Check if you only resell this mfg’s products  meaning you do not create commissioned orders also

Resell Account Number

Account number for resell items 

IngenID No longer used
Default Lamp manufacturer Causes OASIS to automatically enter this manufacturer's ID into the manufacturer field when the lamp code is used. 
Misc Submittal Manufacturer Dummy manufacturer used for Submittal purposes. For more information see the Submittals wikis
Merge and Sort items on order print This setting is a companion setting for the lamp manufacturer. It will combine all of the same lamps onto one line for the order satisfying the lamp manufacturers needs to figure out total number of cartons to order. 
Recap Change Orders OASIS normally ONLY shows the items that have changed on the change order.  Some manufacturers prefer to see the entire order as a second page of what they receive from OASIS and checking this box will provide that information. 
Customer PO Required This forces Oasis to pop up a reminder to users that the manufacturer wants a copy of the customer's actual order for their records.
Agency Holds Only (MFG Does not accept Hold Orders) This feature allows users to manage hold orders for manufacturers that do not accept hold orders.  Agents print the Hold order for their records and then send subsequent release orders as needed. 
Entry for Invoicing Only

This prevents OASIS from requiring the creation of a vendor order for this manufacturer entry.  This is usually set for the agent's own manufacturer.  It mainly handles services that do not require a vendor's order because there is no product.  

Currency  Importer function that allows the selection of currency used by the resell manufacturer.
Landing Factor A multiplier used to represent import tariffs, shipping and other fees required for import
Max Fixture Type Length (Characters) Zero (or less) means you do not care (Default)

Max Fixture Type length

The quote will warn you by turning the fixture type red. Hovering over the text will produce the tool tip shown. Once an order is created, the feature is disabled for that line on the quote.


The same feature exists in the order and will remain active – even if the order is sent to the factory.


Price Lists (optional)

This tab allows users to activate a price list, assign separate price lists to multiple workgroups or choose a separate price list for quotes and one for orders. 


New order Entry Message (Optional)




Field Description
Minimum Order
Min Parts Amount Dollar value of Minimum order accepted by this manufacturer for parts 
Min Amount Dollar value of Minimum order accepted by this manufacturer for fixtures 
Min Weight Minimum weight of order accepted by this manufacturer
Freight Allowance
Allowance Type

None - Freight always prepaid and add

Weight- pound value of product ordered for freight allowance

Net-  Dollar value of order (without overage) required to meet freight allowance

Sell- Dollar value of order (including overage) required to meet freight allowance

Amount and Weight-  Combination of dollars and pounds required to  meet freight allowance. 


Allowance Amount Dollar value of freight allowance 
Allowance Weight pounds required to make freight allowance
Non shipping Manufacturer List this as a non shipping manufacturer for tracking purposes.
Order Type Lead Time
Stock Lead Time Average number of days for placing a stock order to when it is shipped on site.
Project Lead Time Average number of days for placing a project order to when it is shipped on site.



Commissions/Invoicing Tab




Std Commission

Standard Commission for this manufacturer (default)

Overage Split

Standard Overage Split for this manufacturer (default)

Overage Cap The maximum overage split allowed for any particular line item (or 0% for no limit).

Days to Paid

Number of average days until manufacturer pays commission owed
Close Invoice $% User can add a dollar or percentage value that will cause OASIS to automatically close invoices for payment. This feature cleans up transactions will amounts too small to continue tracking with the manufacturer.
Close PO Sales $% User can add a dollar or percentage value that will cause OASIS to automatically close orders for sales tracking. This feature cleans up transactions will amounts too small to continue tracking with the manufacturer.
Close PO Comm$% User can add a dollar or percentage value that will cause OASIS to automatically close orders for commission payment. This feature cleans up transactions will amounts too small to continue tracking with the manufacturer.
Commission Opportunies (Territory Credit)

Dest-Destination credit for Sales%, Commission%, & Overage%

Order- Order credit for Sales%, Commission%, and Overage%

Spec- Specification credit for Sales%, Commission%, and Overage%

Terms Text Tab

Add manufacturer related text to specific transactions. 


Tab Description
Cust Copy Places text on every PO customer confirming copy containing this manufacturer.
MFG Copy Places text on every manufacturer copy of the order. 
Quote terms Places text on the quote under manufacturer terms when this manufacturer is listed on the quote. (Only appears when the user has the "Show Manufacturer terms" box checked.)
Price Books Text to appear in customer price books when prices are included from this manufacturer.

 Accounts tab

 Required for all Manufacturers with connectivity with OASIS

Field Description

Customer Name & ID (from the list)

From your selection list


Enter the Account number for this mfg (tab off)


Set the default price level for this customer if you have an Active price list in the system (optional)


If the customer participates in any sales program enter the name (optional)


Mfg quote # will automatically drop in an order if entered here (optional)


Shows the assigned sales account 


Does this distributor stock this mfg products (optional)

Ord Terms Txt

Enter any order terms specific to this customer. These terms will show on the PO



Local Warehouse side tab

This section is used to indicate an agency has inventory whether consigned or resell (optional)

  • Check the box for “Stocked at agency” for either case
  • If consigned inventory only check the box for “Stocked at agency”.
  • If inventory is for resell check both boxes.



Manufacturer’s warehouses side tab

Adding the Manufacturer's warehouses makes it easy when users add shipping information to OASIS. They can select the warehouse from a dropdown when entering shipping information. 


Sold At Tab 

The Workgroups in your database will be listed here.  If you have more than one workgroup, some manufacturers may not be represented in all workgroups.  Check the boxes next to the workgroup that represents this manufacturer.  

 Representatives Tab

This tab is used by manufacturers and distributors for selecting which representative sells what products. 

Goals Tab 

Users can track sales and/or earnings goals for a manufacturer on the goals tab.  Create a goal by:

  • Giving it a unique name
  • Start and end dates
  • Add Sales Account ID, customer ID's or change the source, if desired.
  • Enter Earnings and sales amounth
  • Check the "Track" option for easy reporting across brands. 

Notes tab

  • Any notes entered here will shown if the user chooses to view them from inside order using the Manufacturer "notes" link on the Order search bar 


Attachments tab

  • All notes, reminders, etc relating to this manufacturer will be stored here.
  • Any other files maybe stored in the Attachments tab as well.