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The Pricing and "Price Lookup" applications in OASIS contain all of the product and pricing information in OASIS. The Pricing application is currently named "Pricing" and will remain that way until the older pricing system is retired.

The Price Lookup system is available everywhere in OASIS - orders quotes and most other applications. Look in the tools menu for "Price Lookup".

Pricing Editors


To see the pricing system, select "Manufacturers" then "Pricing":

The application begins by showing no manufacturers (the old pricing system initially shows all manufacturers making it difficult to locate any given manufacturer entry). To locate a manufacturer, use the "Find" feature or just key a manufacturer name (as shown above in the Name area) and press "go". All matching entries are shown.

Clicking on any manufacturer entry will expand the manufacturer entry. The data is divided into series and price lists. Series are product series configurations (e.g. a base troffer with all options). A price list is a more familiar one "complete" catalog number per row with available pricing.

Double clicking on the icons will show the related editor and data.


  • File
    • New
      • New Price List - create a new blank price list
      • New Price List Like - create a new price list with data from selected price list
      • New From History - create new price list by harvesting data from orders or quotes
      • New Series - create new series.
    • Open - open selected item
    • Export - export data for OASIS support.
    • Find - find manufacturer.
    • Delete - delete selected item
    • Refresh - refresh screen
    • Configure - setup pricing system settings
    • Close - close main OASIS window.
  • Edit
  • Tools
    • Update Pricing (with file) - update pricing using file supplied in OASIS format
    • Update Pricing - update pricing by downloading data directly from factory
    • Delete Old Price Lists - delete old inactive price lists.
    • Price Increase - perform a price increase.
    • Share Pricing - share pricing data with another company (creates an .o2o file that may be imported by another OASIS user).
    • Test Series Configurations - test only series using the user configurator.
  • Help - the standard OASIS help menu

Tool Bar

  • New Series - Create a new product series
  • New Price List - Create a new blank price list
  • Open - Open selected item
  • Show Search - show/hide search (task) bar
  • Help - show help

Task / search bar

  • Find - click to see a manufacturer search screen
  • Name: - key all or part of the manufacturer name or code. Press "go" to perform the search.
  • My Manufacturers - click to show all manufacturers in the workgroup selected below.
  • WG: - filter for a given workgroup. Select "All" to see manufacturers for all workgroups.
  • Active Only - Select to only show active workgroups.