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PO's with Sales Balance (Open …
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PO's with Sales Balance (Open to Invoice)


There are several ways to track orders in OASIS. One way to track dollars owed is to run the Aged Invoice report. However, you may want to see this from the Order side. In other words, you may want to see all orders that have not had all the invoice sales dollars applied yet (some items not shipped yet). This could be useful for tracking jobs to follow-up on and make sure the process moves along. There is an Order Transaction report in the Orders section of OASIS that will give you this information. The report can be filtered and sorted several ways. The example below will be a simple report filtered by Manufacturer

Here’s how:

-     Go to Orders

-     Then to Reports on the toolbar and select Order Transaction Report

-    In the Purchase Order Listing Report window,

-       Select “POs with Sales balance (open to invoice)” button

-       Set the time frame as needed (Ex. I want to orders from 10/1 – 12/31)

-     Select “Show Details” and “Show Totals Page”



-     Click on the “Sort” tab

-     Make sure Manufacturer is selected (leave the 2nd group as is)



-       Then clickPrint

-       Below is an example of the report generated. Two columns to watch are:

  • POBal – this amount remains to be invoiced (have invoices applied for this amount – haven’t shipped, etc)
  • CommBal – this amount is still owed you.