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Managing Restocking and Creating Restock Orders

Inventory restock orders in OASIS are a quick and simple way to create orders for necessary items.

Setting up Reorder Points

To set up inventory reorder points, start by going to the Inventory section of OASIS, and clicking on File > Edit Warehouse. Next, select a warehouse to edit.

Check the box that says "Manage Reorder Points"

When the box is checked, you will be able to see the reorder points that are set up and all the columns that are required.

A brief overview of the columns:

  • Reorder At -- If the available QTY falls below this number, the reorder logic will suggest restocking this part
  • Reorder To -- The QTY that you wish to maintain in the warehouse (ideal QTY)
  • Overstock -- The maximum QTY that you would ever want the part to have. Should never go above this number.
  • Reorder units -- The "Unit QTY" for the part when reordering. OASIS will use the reorder units to calculate how many parts to restock.

Restocking from an Order

Once the reorder points have been set up, you will be able to use the "Create Restock Orders" feature in the Orders section of OASIS to create orders for restocking.

When the dialog comes up, you will get a listing of the parts that are on the order that meet the restocking logic requirements.

Each part will show the current QTY on hand, as well as the QTY on open picks (Reserved), the Reorder At (Low), Overstock (High), and items already on a restock PO (On WHSE PO). Finally, the "Recommended" QTY is the QTY that will be put on the line of the restock order when it is created.

Uncheck any items that you do not want to restock, then hit the "Create" button to create and open the restock order.

Restocking for a Manufacturer

When reordering for a specific manufacturer, you will need to go to the "Inventory" section of OASIS and open "Tools" > "Create Restock Orders". Choose which warehouse you want to restock, as well as the manufacturer you want to restock for.

When scanning the inventory, the general logic is applied:

  • Count on hand - What is currently recorded in the inventory warehouse
  • Reserved count - What you have promised to ship via picks
  • On Restock Order - What you currently have on open (non-received) warehouse restock orders
  • Backordered - What is currently on backorder
  • Reorder At - The minimum QTY you have specified from which the restock logic will kick in
  • Reorder To - The QTY you want to reach via restocking
  • Reorder Units - The increments you will order in
  • Target QTY - What you should be at (Backordered QTY + Reorder To QTY) 
  • Available to Promise - Count on hand + Reserved QTY
  • Current QTY (projected) - Available to Promise + On Restock Order

If the "Count on hand" is less than or equal to the "Reorder At" level, or the "Current QTY" is less than your "Target QTY" the reorder logic will kick in. The Recommended QTY to reorder is calculated by the Reorder Units until it is equal to or greater than your Target QTY value. 

Open Restock Column

The "Open Restock" column on the inventory listing will show the QTY ordered on Warehouse Restock orders where there has not yet been a Receipt entered for said order.