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Updating the Macintosh JVM (Ja…
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Updating the Macintosh JVM (Java)


Apple controls the releases of the Java virtual machine used by OASIS. (Ingen software supplies the JVM used by Windows users.) For the most part, the Apple JVM is very stable and has few issues. However, some older OS X users may find their JVM is out of date. One way to find out is to use Optimize OASIS! and look for the words "JVM Version" - if it show "out of date", then it is likely time to update the Macintosh jvm.

Updating the JVM

Here are the steps:

  • Open Safari and go to the Macintosh store
  • Download the JVM for your version of the Macintosh (look for JVM version 1.6 or later).
  • Install

Mac OS 10.4 USERS!!!

Please note that Mac OS 1.4 users must upgrade their Mac to v10.5 or later.


Usually just linking to this site does the trick:

But they move things from time to time - here is what we find right now. Look for "Mac OS & Software":

Once in the Macintosh store, search for "Java" and look for the latest update:

Once the download is complete, double click on the "package" icon (looks like a box" and follow the instructions.

You may have to reboot the Mac in some cases. Once complete, start OASIS and use Optimize OASIS to verify the new JVM is being used by OASIS.