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Last modified on 1/18/2016 9:39 AM by User.

Sales Account Security

Unlike most OASIS security settings, the sales account security affects not only the sales account application in OASIS, but also affects most transactions in OASIS (e.g. quotes, orders, invoices). This document shows how a change in sales account security will affect the specifier control and the sales accounts on various applications.

Sales Account Application

To see the sales account application, the user must have admin rights for "Sales Accounts":

Specifier Control

The "specifier control" is the area on a transaction where the architect and other specifiers are recorded. (general tab in quotes and orders; billing tab in invoices). The assigned sales person and the influence are used to auto calculate the sales accounts. (This may be turned off by a global setting - in this case the influence area is hidden.)

If the user has "update" security for Sales Accounts, all fields are editable. Otherwise, the Sales Person and Influence fields are shown but disabled. (Please note that it is still possible to select another specifier resulting in the sales person and influence being automatically calculated - the user will not be able to modify these values if they don't have update access.

Sales Accounts Control

The sales account control is the final "say" in who gets credit for the earnings on an order. The sales account control has the following modes based on the user's security for Sales Accounts.

Full Access

The user must have Read, Update and View All (admin is not required):

Full Read

The user must have Read and View All (or admin) - but does not have Update:

Partial Access

The user must have Read, Update, but not View All or Admin:

Partial Read

The user must have Read, but not Update, View All or Admin: