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Lutron Connectivity


Connectivity with Lutron is still under beta testing at this time.  An announcement will be made in our newsletter when it is available for all Lutron agents. 

This document describes how to activate connectivity in OASIS for communicating with Lutron using standard EDI transactions.

Configuring OASIS

Open or create a Lutron manufacturer entry in OASIS under "Manufacturers":

In the Connectivity area, select the "Lutron" entry for "Specialization". Once selected, the configuration window will show (if not, click on the "Configure Specialization" link):

Please note that the information is stored separately for each workgroup you have in OASIS. This allows agencies covering different sales territories to configure each office differently.

Key the information as provided - the information will be the same, except for the Sender ID. That will be sent by Lutron via email. The ID should follow the format: INGENSOFT#### (replace #### with the numbers associated with the account). 


User: Oasis

Pass: X32X58wL

Directory: Oasis

Sender: ZZ  INGENSOFT####

Receiver: DX  0023909120001

NOTE: If you are instructed to operate in "Test" mode, be sure to check the "Test" box here!! When you go live, be sure to uncheck the box as well.

Next, the account codes for each customer must be setup. The account codes may be obtained directly from Lutron. Then click on the "Accounts" tab in OASIS, adding each customer and their account number:

Sending Orders

Notice when printing orders for Lutron that a new entry will appear: Send Direct!

By default, when the "Ok" button is pressed, the "Sending data direct to manufacturer ..." window will appear. (To over-ride, simply select "Sending Order" instead of "Send Direct!")

Review the order! This is important as when sent, the order can not be recalled! Once the information is reviewed, press the Send Now button. The top area of the screen will start flashing while the order is uploaded to the server. You will be notified if there is an error, otherwise the text "Successfully sent transaction to factory." will appear:

Note: no information about the order may be downloaded at this time.