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Overview of the Database Rebui…
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Last modified on 3/30/2016 9:20 AM by User.

Overview of the Database Rebuild / Conversion Process


Conversion Process Overview

This document will walk users through the overall process of converting from the V9 database to the V11 database or V11 database to V16 database. It is meant explain the bigger picture of the process. Other help documents on this topic will cover the specific details of the process.

Contact Ingen Software

We highly recommend contacting us to get more detailed information on the process and to schedule a time for us to be on-call during your conversion.

Before You Start

There are two simple steps that you can accomplish before we get started.

First, you need to make sure that your company's computer meets our minimum system requirements. Located (here).

Second, make sure you have at least the server version of the software, downloaded (here)Although we recommend downloading the client side as well to make the overall process faster.

Create a Backup

You must have some sort of backup solution in place and have an up-to-date backup of your database before beginning the conversion process. This is to ensure that there is no loss of data if anything goes wrong. Make sure Oasis has been updated to the latest release before you back up your database.

Stop the Database on the Server

Everyone must be logged out of the database and the database service must be stopped. Once the database is stopped through the ASA Configuration utility, the Oasis database service must be removed. This is also done from the ASA Configuration utility. (The database can be backed up at this point by copying and pasting the .db file and log files if automated backups are not in place, but it is preferable to have this done before beginning the process.)

How to stop the database

Uninstall Oasis 2.7 and Install Oasis 2.7.1 on the Server

We have created Oasis 2.7.1 to utilize the newer V11 database technology. You must download and install the new version to continue. Uninstalling the old version is mandatory because it only supports the V9 database technology. You will also need to delete the ".oasis" folder on the server. This is located in either C:/Documents and Settings or C:/Users, under the user name that is used to log into Windows on that machine. If there are multiple users, there will be multiple ".oasis" folders.

Installation process help document

Convert the Database

The V9 database needs to be moved to a new folder in its current directory. Create a folder called "Old" and then cut and paste the database into this folder. Using the newer version of the ASA Configuration Utility on the server, you will select the current database in the "Old" folder and then select an output folder (typically C:\Oasis) and begin the process. This will take hours depending on your server specs and database size. Once the process is started, you can walk away and let it run. The process is automated.

We are typically able to give a time estimate based on server specs and available RAM, but there are many factors related to the actual data within the database that can sometimes double that time estimate. As long as the conversion window says "Running" at the bottom, the process is still working. You should not close this window until the process shows that it is completed.

Conversion help document

Reinstall Oasis on All Clients

There is also a new installer for the Oasis workstation. While the database is being converted, you will need to uninstall Oasis 2.7 (and Oasis 2.6 if it is still installed, because neither will work with a V11 database) and then install the Oasis 2.7.1 client. You will also need to delete all ".oasis" folders on these workstations. If there are multiple users for a machine, it may be helpful to do a search for ".oasis" and delete all folders that show up.

Restart the Database

Once the conversion process is complete on the server, you will need to create a new V11 Oasis service. This is very simple. Just open the ASA Configuration utility on the server and go to File > New Service. BE SURE TO UNCHECK THE BOX FOR "Create Database"! (This would overwrite the database you just converted with a blank database, causing more downtime.) Point the service to the folder with your converted database, name the service "OASIS", keep the port at 2638, keep the box for creating ODBC data sources checked, and click OK. (These are the default settings.) Once the new service is created, you will need to start the database. Once the database is started, all users can log back into Oasis normally.

Service creation help document

Set Up Backups

You will need to set up your automated backups again through the ASA Configuration utility.

How to set automated backups