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Spec Registration Listing
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Spec Registration Listing


One of the features in OASIS is to identify a job and send a Specification Registration form to a factory. Although most factories have their own form, OASIS can also generate the form. Identifying a job in OASIS allows the user to track the job when it is built later. User can link jobs when they find/create an invoice, create a matching PO, and link a specification job to the invoice. Reporting on Specification Registered jobs is easy and will give all related information. 

Flagging a Job for Specification Registration

 - Using the check box on the "General" tab, click to flag as Specification Registration

The job will now show on the report.

This also triggers the ability to print a Specification Registration form, so that, when printing, the option to print a Specification Registration form will show.


 - In Projects, go to Reports and select “Spec Registration Listing”.

Select a timeframe and any other options needed.

 - use the Select tab to filter further if needed.

 - Select Print.

 - An example of the report is shown below.