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Send Message - Emailing & Attaching


The ability to send any transaction in OASIS via email is a real timesaver. Users can send mass emails to many specifiers at once along with any number of attachments from the Attachments tab, their computer or network. Each recipient gets their own email, version of the quote and chosen attachments. In fact, these are individual emails, so no recipient knows anyone else received a quote. OASIS also stores a copy of these emails in the Attachments tab for easy reference.

NOTE – this assumes you have entered (in OASIS) email addresses for all recipients or customers to whom you will email.

You can use Send Message to send any documents in OASIS (quotes, submittals, orders, etc) 

Here’s how: (Quote example)

When you select any transaction to Print, OASIS will ask what type of document you want to create.  On the second screen the “Output To:” option will appear. Select the customer and contacts you want to send an email message to. 

Change to “Send Message”, then continue the print process.

The Send Multiple Message window appears (after all dialog selections windows).

If sending to multiple recipients, all recipients will be listed on the left side of the screen.

At this point you have the option to “Send All” (button bottom left)– sending all at once

OR sending one at a time – select one, click "Send", select another, click Send, etc. 

Field Description
All Messages A listing of all potential messages that can be sent from this screen.  Select a single quote to add a message, view the quote or add attachments.


This area will auto-populate with the job/project name, or you can over-ride

From: User sending the message


This will automatically have the name your sending to - assumes the email address has been entered. If there is no email address in the contact's entry the text will be red.

You can over-ride to enter another email address

CC: Carbon copy any recipient you want including users in your own company.
BCC Blind carbon copy any recipient you want including users in your own company.
Add attachment  link Users can add attachments by dragging files directly to this box OR they can click the "Add Attachments" link and access files already on the attachments tab.

Message area

Access the message area by clicking on the quote link on the attachments bar and type a message for the selected entry. See screenshot above

Preview Pane

previews the document being sent for each selection


Button Function Description
Disk  Save Saves a copy of the quote in pdf form
ABC Modify attachments

Add/ remove pages and annotate pdf attached to the message. 

Printer Print Will print a hard copy of the quote for the file. 
|< Move view to first page of the attachment This icon will change the view to show the front page of any attached document.
<- Go Back one page This icon will change the view back one page in the document.
-> Go Forward one page

This icon will change the view forward one page in the document.

>| Move view to the last page of the attachment This icon will change the view to show the last page of any attached document.
Magnifying glass + Zoom Allows user to zoom in
Magnifying glass-  Zoom Allows user to zoom out.
Rotate counter clockwise rotate Allows user to rotate the view counterclockwise
Rotate clockwise rotate Allows user to rotate the view clockwise


 Attaching other files

Users can attach other files from the Attachment tab, their machine or network.


1.  Drag files directly to the attachments bar



2.  Click the "Add Attachments" link

Attaching from the Attachments tab

 - the Attachments tab will appear, select/highlight the attachment needed

Attaching from other sources:

 - Click the Select File button


This opens your common select window to attach something from your machine or on your network

Find the file needed and click Open

The attached file will appear in the Attachments area

It can also be previewed by clicking it once. 

OASIS will ask the question to attach to all remaining unsent messages.

Don’t Add – will only add to the current selection

Add to All – adds to all


Annotating/ Revising Attachments

Users can now annotate and revise not only the quote but any pdf attachment. 

Make sure you can see the document you wish to adjust on your screen.  Change your view to other documents by selecting a different customer in the customer bar or a different document in the attachments bar. 

Click the "ABC" button and OASIS will open a submittal like viewer. Users can select to do any of the following:



Action Method
Highlight Click on the highlight button shown below to add color or a box to page
Add text Create a highlight and add text
Add additional pdf pages Drag a file to the "Drop Here" box
Remove a page from a document Highlight the page and click on the trashcan icon.