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Sending Price Lists to Customers and Representatives Electronically


This feature allows users to build a price list within OASIS and send some or all of the pricing to
Customers (all versions) or Representatives (manufacturer version only).
The data is sent via email and the following formats are supported:

  • PDF - Adobe's PDF format.
  • Excel - Microsoft's .xls format
  • O2O - OASIS format directly loadable into OASIS.


The feature is available from the "Manufacturers" or "Pricing" applications in OASIS. Look for "Share Pricing" in the "Tools" Menu. First select the factory you would like to send pricing on, then select "Share Pricing":


The share pricing window will appear with all customers having accounts for the factory:

Notice the "Level" column - this identifies the pricing column to be published for the customer. If this is not correct, close the share pricing window, return to the manufacturer editor and adjust the price level on the "Accounts" tab.

From the window, standard price lists and pricing series may be shared. Select as required.

Select the customers to share pricing with and press "Share" - the "Send Multiple Messages" window will appear:

Listed to the left are all the emails prepared to be sent to the selected customers. There will always be a .pdf attachment containing the pricing. Depending upon the customer setting, the customer will also receive a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet version of the pricing or an O2O version of the pricing.

The O2O version of pricing is formatted such that the pricing may be loaded into the version of OASIS used by the customer.