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Attachments 2.7
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Attachments 2.7


The Attachments application is one of the most powerful features in OASIS. It allows easy storage of files and information for quick lookup and recovery. Every document generated in OASIS related to a job is organized in one place. All quotes, submittals, orders, invoices, and payments will show in the Attachments tab. Any notes, emails or other items generated by OASIS within a transaction are also added as attachments. OASIS also allows you to attach other documents generated elsewhere by simply dragging and dropping them onto the Attachments panel. The updated attachments panel for 2.7 features new filtering tools, as well as separate views that allow users to categorize and color code files to help in finding relevant data for their tasks.

The new Attachments panel is split into three primary areas:

  • Top Toolbar - Contains switches to control the current view, as well as buttons to add new attachments.
  • Filters Sidebar - Allows you to control the content that you are seeing based on the criteria that you fill out.
  • View - The current view containing all of the attachments in the center of the screen.The view can be changed based on the "View" menu in the toolbar.

View/Center Panel

The view panel shows the attachments for the transaction that is currently selected. The way that the view panel shows the attachments can be changed from the "View" menu in the toolbar. There are three primary views:

  • Icon View - Displays an image of the file type next to the attachment, as well as the file name and the date it was attached/updated. If there are any colors or categories, they will show here as well (colors will show behind the icon).
  • Details View - Displays the attachments in a file format. In details view, there are columns available for color and category, as well as the default OASIS columns.

Right-click Menu

In addition to the different views, there are functions available by either clicking or right clicking an attachment.


  • Open - Opens the attachment in the default program set up on your operating system. This can also be done by double-clicking the attachment in the view panel.
  • Edit - Edits the details of the attachment in OASIS. See below for more information.
  • Save As - Saves the attachment and allows user to specify a name for the attachment
  • Delete - Removes the attachment and all information about it from the transaction
  • Copy - Copies the file to the clipboard to allow pasting either into another OASIS transaction or elsewhere on your computer.
  • Paste - Pastes the current file in the clipboard to the OASIS transaction
  • Category - Allows the user to categorize the attachment based on what is set up under the global preferences
  • Color  - Allows the user to color code the attachment based on what is set up under the global preferences

Editing Attachments

Right-clicking and selecting the "Edit" option will open a dialog for editing notes and other details about the file:

  • Description - Allows you to change the description of the file.
    • Choice of Replace Existing Attachment, Rename This Attachment, and Don't Rename Anything
  • Notes - Allows you to add or change the notes for the attachment. In details view, this can also be done by simply typing in the Notes column.
  • Customer/Manufacturer - Assign the attachment to a particular customer or manufacturer (useful for specific quotes/submittals or other context-sensitive data).
  • Category/Color - Another option on how to categorize or color code the attachment. 
  • Contact - Allows you to add contact information

Top Toolbar

  • View - The view menu controls the current view. Currently, there are three options: Icon view, Details view, and Classic view.
  • Preferences and Settings - While in the details view, this button will allow you to change the column options that are shown, as well as the column order.
  • Refresh View - Refreshes your current view with updated information
  • Save Attachment - Saves attachment to your hard drive
  • Delete Attachment(s) -Delete unwanted attachments 
  • Change Category - Changes the category of the attachment 
  • Color Change - Allows you to change the color associated with the attachment
  • Group Similar - This check box allows you to group similar attachments together
  • Function buttons - Each function is customized to a particular purpose. They are from left to right:
    • Attach File - Open a file from your file system and attach them to the attachments panel
    • Attach Email - Send a message through OASIS and attach a copy to the attachments panel
    • Attach Note - Create a new note and attach it to the attachments panel
    • Attach Reminder - Creates a new reminder and attaches it to the current transaction
    • Attach Scan - Scans a document through a connected scanner and attaches the scanned document to the transaction
  • Showing: ... - Displays the current transaction that is selected in the OASIS tree. This is helpful when viewing transactions with multiple bids/orders to let you know where you are viewing the current items
  • Quick Search - Searches for items in the attachments panel based on the current filters. The fields that are searched are simple column queries (such as description or note columns) as well as contents of text documents. (Emails and PDF files are not searched, nor are binary files like Word documents.)

Filters Sidebar

Use of Filters

The filters bar allows collapsible categories to be shown or hidden based on the user's preferences. Each category filters the shown attachments based on different criteria.  Finding files in Oasis can be as easy as one or two clicks.  Files in Attachments are tagged with meaningful labels such as file type, file name, customer, and manufacturer, and can be sorted by user defined labels.  Also, filters can be saved for use by other users.

  • File Type - Shows all files for the selected file type. The available options are based on the available attachments so that you don't have irrelevant choices. Selecting "Show All" will ignore file types in the filters.
  • Category/Colors - Filters results based on the category or color that is applied to the attachment. Below is an example of how you can use colors to categorize your attachments.
  • Customers/Manufacturers -  Show attachments assigned to the selected customer(s) or manufacturer(s). Only customers and manufacturers on the transaction are shown as filterable options.
  • OASIS Tree - Allows the user to navigate the transaction tree in OASIS, being able to select the attachments that are on a specific transaction. This is useful for multiple bids or orders on one set of transactions.
  • Saved Filters - Shows the filters that have been saved. Users can save the selected filters by clicking the "Save Filter" button and providing a name. These filters are saved globally, but can be set up as defaults for particular users separately.

Deleting Filters

Saved Filters can be deleted by right-clicking the filter.