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Last modified on 7/15/2014 1:54 PM by User.


Common Batch Job Service issues (OASIS-BATCH)

Common issues with the OASIS batch service are shown below. Most issues concern start-up and some upgrades.

OASIS-BATCH won't start. Windows application log shows "Could not load the Java Virtual Machine."


The following are errors that might be seen from the windows event viewer under "Application":

  • (Error) The LoadLibrary function failed for the following reason: The specified module could not be found.
  • (Information) Could not load the Java Virtual Machine.
  • (Information) C:/progra~1/OASIS271/jre/bin/client/jvm.dll
  • (Information) The OASIS-BATCH service failed to start.

The errors may vary.


  1. If this is a new installation, reboot the server.
  2. Check the path to the .dll - make sure the file exists (change the path as required).

OASIS-BATCH Starts, but no updates are shown in the Batch Jobs window.


  • Service manager shows OASIS-BATCH as running
  • The "OASIS Batch Jobs" window shows status as "Job service never run" or the update date is not current (more than 30 minutes old).


  • If this is a new install, try restarting the service a couple of times. The service must pull down the current update from the server before it will run.
  • Make sure there is a currently active release. Until the first update is loaded from the license server, OASIS-BATCH will not run.
  • Review the OASIS-BATCH log files in the c: (root) directory. Ensure the path names shown for the JVM exist.