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Adding Lines with no Images to…
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Last modified on 12/28/2010 9:02 AM by User.


Adding Lines with no Images to the Transmittal


This document will explain how to add lines that have no cut sheet to the transmittal in Submittals V2. In the past, they would not print unless there was a cut sheet attached to the line. Now you can have them print on the transmittal.

Lines with no Images

There are some lines that will have no cut sheets (like lamps) that you still want to appear on the transmittal. Add them to your submittal as you would do with any other line.

Click print as you normally would. Select all the options you need on the General and Transmittal tabs. Then, go to the Selected Pages tab. You'll notice that the lines with no images show up but are unchecked. You can click the individual check boxes or you can click the "Select All" button at the bottom.

Clicking this will select everything on the list at once. This will save time with particularly large submittals.

From here, click Print and you're done!