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Rank - Using color to identify…
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Last modified on 8/11/2015 3:34 PM by User.

Rank - Using color to identify project opportunity

One of the features in OASIS is the use of color to identify certain things. We use yellow pertaining to orders that have not been transmitted to the factory, brown to indicate shipping applied, red as a canceled order and more. The “Rank” feature in the project can be used to identify types of jobs using color. This document will cover the default settings and two examples of other uses. 

When opening a project you will see the Project Rank drop down menu on the upper right of the General tab in a phase (see below). The default options are listed, however these names can be changed to meet your specific needs. This will be explained below.

In this example the “Cabot Schools - Cabot Community College” project is a “Large Opportunity” as indicated by the yellow fill color.

To make changes to these settings:

  • Click on the Projects application on the left of the OASIS screen.
  • Then go to File and select Configuration.
  • Then, click on the “Proj Ranks” tab

  • Each opportunity name and the associated color is listed
  • These can be changed or others can be added.
  • When using color, for example, you identify a job as a “Large Opportunity”
  • The result on the Home screen would be a yellow fill color around the job in the example below “Cabot Schools - Cabot Community College”

To change colors

  • Click on the button in the Color column for the line needed
  • Select the color
  • Hit OK to save the color for that line.

Below are two examples of other uses of color for jobs, but feel free to adjust to meet your specific needs.

Example # 1 – Job Value 

This scenario, users identify jobs by dollar amounts.

If they see light red they would know this is a job with a value of $50,000 or more.

NOTE – add as many lines as needed 

The Rank would look similar to below

Example # 2 

This scenario, uses identify jobs by type. If the user sees a green fill color on the Home screen it is a High End Residential job.

NOTE – add as many lines as needed 

The Rank drop down would look similar to below.

Using color can make jobs easily identifiable to all users.