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Order Summary Report Across Years


Now that users have been on OASIS for several years viewing sales or commission data across several years may be important. This report gives you a broad view of all your business broken out by manufacturers. This will help to see trends in business and the last page of the report will give you a graphical view by showing it to you in a chart. The Order Summary report can ran across the number of years you have had OASIS just by making a few clicks.

NOTE - Order Summary report is available on the Home Screen (Reports > My Order Summary Reports) or in the Reports section (Worksheets > My Order Summary Reports) 

Running the report

Go to My Order Summary report

In the window, change the Year to “All”

  • Then change the Columns to “Year”

  • Next, click “Update” (in the upper left corner)
  • This will generate the report on screen

The report may be printed, switched to other options, show all the transactions, etc.