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Taking a screen shot
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Taking a screen shot


While trying to resolve an issue, customer support will often times ask a user to send a “screen shot”. A screen shot is basically a picture of the screen you are currently viewing. Usually this is a picture of an error message or report parameters for running a report. A screen shot is easy to get, here’s how:

In the screen you intend to send,

 - hold down the “Alt” key and “Print Screen” (PrntScrn)

 - OR just press Print Screen (PrntScrn)

NOTE - Many users now have dual monitors, so here are some help guidelines.

 - pressing only Print Screen will copy both screens
- pressing ALT + Print Screen will print only the active window

Then open you email and create a new email to our support team (

In the body of the email, click so that your cursor is blinking.

Then Paste or use Control-V to paste the screen shot into the body of the email.

Then send the email to