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OASIS Faxback Integration
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Last modified on 11/4/2013 4:25 PM by User.


OASIS Faxback Integration


This document shows how to setup and use the faxback integration with OASIS. This process will be updated and is not final.


Go to the “In Box” application in OASIS. It might be necessary to add InBox to the security settings for the user:



Select “File” then “Accounts”:


Click on the first icon to add a new account:


Select “FaxBack Connector”:


Key in a description and the receive folder (to receive faxes).

 Press “Ok” and close OASIS.

Running the “Download Timer”

When OASIS Restarts, select the In Box application and select “Run Download Timer” to start the process:

To check the status, click on the OASIS icon at the bottom of the screen:


This will show the activity for the session:


FAX Confirmations

When a fax is sent, the Fax Back system will write a file to the sent directory indicating to OASIS the status of the fax. For quotes and orders, a status file is added to the attachments tab:


Whether successful or not, the fax status document contains details of the fax transmission:


When a fax send is unsuccessful, a reminder is created for the user sending the fax on their home page (the attachment is created as well):