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Last modified on 2/11/2016 3:19 PM by User.

How to Recover a Deleted Item Using a Backup

This document will assist in the recovery of data from a backup. It can be used in the event that something has been deleted in OASIS accidentally, such as a quote or order, or it can be used to restore a single transaction to what it was on the day of the backup. To recover something that was deleted in OASIS, you will need a standalone workstation, or a computer that can be disconnected from the network. This computer will need to have the server version of OASIS installed on it. You will also need a backup of your OASIS database that contains the lost data. An OASIS administrator is also needed. It is highly recommended that the standalone computer NOT be connected to the network so there is no chance that this process will interfere with the live database. 

Here is a link to the installer site: 

First, you must know what you are looking for. The best way to find the exact number of what was deleted, like a PO, Job, Quote, etc. is to have an administrator go into OASIS and then to go Configuration > Software, then to Reports (at the top), and then to the Delete Log.

Set a time frame for the search. The results will appear in a list. Find the item that was deleted and write down the number so you can reference it easily later. Next, you must get a copy of the most recent database backup that contains the most up to date version of what you wish to recover. It is important that you make a copy of this file, not use the backup itself, just in case something occurs either catastrophically or accidentally. Once you have this copy, put it on the standalone machine.

IMPORTANT: You should make a copy of your backup OASIS database before following these steps. If you do not first make a copy, you risk corrupting your database.

Now, you must go to your standalone workstation and manually start the backup database. Go to your Start menu, then Programs (or All Programs), then OASIS27, then Database, then to ASA Manual Start.

Once in this program, enter the database location and sever name. For this purpose, enter the server name as "recover". Click Ok.


Once the database has been started, open Oasis. You will get the Database Login screen. Change the settings to the ones shown in the image below.


Once in Oasis, go to the appropriate section of Oasis (ie: Quote, Order, Project) and do a search for the item that was deleted. Once it is found, either right click it and select "Export" or go to the File menu and Export from there. Save the file to a location where you can find it easily.

The file will be a ".oasisz" file, which is a format that only OASIS understands. At this point, the file needs to be moved off of the standalone computer and onto a networked computer that can access the live OASIS database.

The database should now be stopped on the standalone computer. For information on stopping the database, reference this document:

Once the ".oasisz" file has been moved to a networked computer, an OASIS administrator needs to log into OASIS. Once there, the administrator needs to go to Configuration, then Software. Then, the ".oasisz" file should be dragged into the area indicated in the picture below.

The Copy Database window should come up. Check all boxes then click Next. Check all boxes again and click Next. A final confirmation window will appear. Click OK.

Once the file has been copied into the database, a window will appear that lists the transactions that were added to the database. At this point, the deleted file has been restored. We recommend opening it to make sure everything is there.