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Locating the OASIS database(s)
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Last modified on 11/22/2010 11:52 AM by User.


Locating the OASIS database(s)


From time to time, OASIS users may find more than one OASIS database running. This typically happens when an old laptop or computer is started which contains the original OASIS demo software. We have also seen cases when an old server is rebooted and the database starts.

Use this utility to locate all Adaptive Server Anywhere (by Sybase) databases on the local network. (Also known as ASA.)

Running the Utility

  1. Start the database configuration utility.
  2. Select from the "Tools" menu the "Locate OASIS Database(s)" option.
  3. Each Adaptive Server Anywhere database on the network is located and displayed. It is possible that other applications other than OASIS are using ASA:


Each server name is shown with the address of the server. Although Adaptive Server Anywhere servers check to ensure another database of the same name is not running, it is still possible to have more than one database with the same name on the network. Locate the server running the non-production OASIS database and disable the "Adaptive Server Anywhere - oasis" service in the windows services control panel.