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Validating the Database
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Last modified on 7/24/2019 9:43 AM by User.

Validating the Database

OASIS uses a SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere database (formerly Adaptive Server Anywhere by Sybase). The database has many safeguards that protect, replicate, and automatically validate the database at all times. However, for speed reasons, the database software does not automatically perform a full database validation. Instead, the utility shown here may be used to make sure that the database and the underlying server architecture contains a valid database.

When to Validate

Running this process once per quarter (or at least once per year) is recommended. Adding a backup to a USB drive that is then stored off site (e.g. in a back safe deposit box) is also recommended. Then you could recover records stored in OASIS - even if the building burns down.

Validation Process

  1. All users will be required to log out of OASIS and the database service must be stopped (SQL Anywhere - OASIS in the Windows Services control panel)
  2. Start the ASA Configuration Utility.
  3. Select the "Tools" menu and click on the "Verify Database" option.

  4. Select the most current oasis.db (if making an "off site" copy of the database, consider selecting the database that was written to the external USB device.)

  5. The verification process may take hours.
    • During that time, the status at the bottom of the window will show "Running ..." in green.
    • If the process completes with "ABNORMAL END" in red, contact Ingen Software.
      Here is an example of a failure:

    • Otherwise the database validation is likely completed without errors. To be sure, scroll down the text in the window, looking for anything that looks like an error (there are many possibilities - contact Ingen Software if you have any questions)
      Here is an example of a successful completion: