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Upgrading (rebuilding) the dat…
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Upgrading (rebuilding) the database

OASIS utilizes the SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16 database. It is sometimes referred to as SA16 or Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA) for older versions. Migrating from ASA Version 9 to any newer version of the database software requires the database to be unloaded and reloaded due to a change in the internal database structures between versions. This will require some downtime while all data is exported and re-imported into a new file. The database can also be rebuilt to repair broken indexes or to shrink the database size if an archive has been performed.

One of the biggest concerns is to estimate the required amount of disk space before starting. You should plan for the new database to be approximately the same size of the current database, but you should also plan for an extra 50% of the database size in free space to be used as temp space for the rebuild process. If needed, the process may be performed using a USB connected drive. (This will result in a slower rebuild than using internal storage.) Contact Ingen Software for more information.

The Rebuild Process

The following steps should be followed:

  1.  Ensure that you have a valid backup.
  2.  Ensure a hard drive is available to the server with enough disk space free. This will be 1.5 times the size of your current oasis.db file.
  3.  Ensure OASIS V273 (or later) is installed. The current installers are available at
  4.  All users will be required to log out of OASIS.
  5.  Stop the database service (Launch ASA Configuration, Select Stop, Wait for Prompt to say stopped successfully)
  6.  Rename the original directory to OASIS_old and create a new OASIS directory
  7.  Rebuild the database using the Rebuild tool.
  8.  Configure the server to use the new database file.

The Rebuild Tool

  1. Start the ASA Configuration utility.
  2. Select from the "Tools" menu the "Rebuild Database" option.
  3. Select the existing oasis.db file in the OASIS_old directory (HINT: Make sure this database is the most current - was it updated today?)

  4. Click "Open"
  5. Next, locate the new OASIS directory on a drive that has 1.5 times the available space as the current size of the oasis.db file:

  6. Click "Open"
  7. The program can and will take hours to run.
    • During that time, the status at the bottom of the window will show "Running ..." in green.
    • If the process completes with "ABNORMAL END" in red, contact Ingen Software.
    • Otherwise the process is complete and the database has been rebuilt:


8. You will now need to disable the old database. We recommend not deleting the old database from the server unless a known good copy of the database exists somewhere else. If possible, just rename the database file from "oasis.db" to "oasis_OLD.db".

9. Next, you will need to setup the database server to utilize the new database. This is the same procedure you used when installing OASIS previously (Creating Databases).