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PO Summary Report by Specifier…
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PO Summary Report by Specifiers


One of the features in OASIS is the ability to add all customers you do business with. This includes not only distributors and contractors you quote but also architects, engineers, interior design, landscape architects and more. When you add these specifiers to jobs, they follow it through the entire sales process giving you the ability to report in many different ways. One such report is a PO Summary by specifiers showing all orders where a certain specifier is involved.

This report is designed to give summary of orders for a given timeframe by Specifier. 

Go to Reports

Then on the toolbar, select Worksheets, then “Top Down Reporting”


In the Top Down Reporting screen, click the Report type button and select PO Summary from the menu.

Then drag and drop Specifier from the Filter area to the Row Headings area (as shown below).

Switch the "Ascending / Descending" drop down to Decending to sort by the Specifier you do the most business with

Then “check” the items you want to appear in the report. Or uncheck any items you don’t want to show.

  • Sales - Sales dollars on the PO
  • Earnings – total of Commission, Overage and Margin
  • Overage
  • Commission
  • Year-to-Date – total for this mfg
  • Count – number of transactions
  • No Decimals

Once you have made your selections, click the “Update” button in the upper left of the screen.

The report may take a few seconds to run, but will appear.

The report can be saved, printed, emailed, etc from this screen.

An example of the report is shown below