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Customer Success Report


This report was designed for managers/owners to look at quotes/jobs to see if action has been taken. The report can summarize or show the details (quotes). The idea of having a good follow-up process for quotes is the goal of this report. Groups quote many jobs during the course of business and simply can’t follow up on all quotes. Being able to quickly see total quotes and the total dollar value of jobs with no action taken since quoted can be a helpful tool. A user can then run the report, showing the details of quotes (per customer if needed) and follow-up.



  • Known – “statuses” that are defined or known in OASIS (Ex. Submitted, Order Pending, Ordered) – some action was taken.
  • Unknown – Quoted – meaning the only action taken was quotation
  • Specified – many groups track whether the job is “Specified” or not, meaning their products were specified, and they want to track it separately from other jobs.
  • Non-Specified – opposite of above – their items were not specified
  • Won – of the quotes with a “Known” or “Unknown” status, these are jobs that have been won and orders created.
  • Lost - of the quotes with a “Known” or “Unknown” status, these are jobs that have been lost.

How to run the report:

  • In Projects, go to Reports, then “Customer Success”.

  • The report window opens
  • By default, “Known” and “Unknown” statuses already have entries.
  • By definition above, Known status is any quote status that a quote can move to after it has been quoted (meaning an action has been taken on it).
  • By definition above, Unknown status is quoted (meaning it is in the system and has been quoted to a customer, but no further action has been taken).


  • Set the “Output To”
  • Title the report, if saving. For instructions on saving a report, click here.
  • Set the timeframe (goes by Bid Date)
  • Select a customer (Optional) – if no selection is made, it will include all customers.
  • Known and Unknown Status maybe removed from or added to.
  • Show Detail – if checked, will show all quotes involved. If unchecked, will summarize.
  • Show Status (works with Show Detail) – if checked, will show the status of each quote. Unchecked will hide the status.

NOTE – in the Report, the "% with Feedback" means notes have been added in the "Follow-ups" tab of the Project.



Example #1 

  - Show Detail & Show Status checked 

  - the report will also be separated by “Specified” and “Non-specified”  

  - NOTE – Example #2 is the most common way to run the report. 

Example #2 

  – Show Detail & Show Status unchecked 

  -  The report will also be separated by “Specified” and “Non-specified”