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Options and Notes!


Options and note lines are available in submittals just as they are in quotes. In fact, the options and notes in a quote copy to the submittal by default. To manually convert a submittal line to an option or note line, simply key "option" or "note" into the QTY column.

Here's how they work.


Notes are simply a line on the submittal BOM allowing you to specify a note about the project or an item (although the note column is typically used for notes on a given item):

The line will not produce a page when printing cut sheets. However, if a transmittal or submittal letter is printed, the note line prints as it might in a quote:


Options are a great way to break a bill of material into parts. Using the same BOM as before:

Additionally, a page is added to the submittal cut sheets where the option appears. The page is not editable in the submittal editor, but is alterable like other OASIS forms: