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Reprice Tool


If you are a group who updates price lists in OASIS through M.O.S.T., has pricing updated from a factory automatically in OASIS or you manually update pricing, know that pricing for different items can change daily or even hourly. The “Reprice tool” can help you update pricing quickly. An example might be that you have quoted a job and it gets delayed and your bid expires, in the meantime, some of your quoted factories have a price increase. In resubmitting the quote, you can use the Reprice tool.


Open the job and make sure you are on the bid desired.

 - Go to Tools, then “Reprice”


 - in the window, select whether Project or Customer Specific pricing 

 - click on the column or columns you want updated. 

 - NOTE – this will reset any formulas in the #%Sell, #%L1, etc columns


There may be a Warning window appear indicating factories that pricing could not be found. Proceed by clicking OK.


Pricing will begin to update and may take a few minutes/seconds.

You can proceed with other work in OASIS while updating.

Once complete the new pricing will be updated in the quote.