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Saving Reports in OASIS


There are many reports built into OASIS and not every group wants to see the same style. For this reason OASIS has many views of the same data whether reporting from within the section such as Orders, Project, Invoices, etc or using the Top Down reporting tool. Users generally find themselves settling on certain reports they need to run each cycle. These reports can be saved with a couple of simple steps. The instructions below apply to most any section in OASIS.


Saving a report from the Order Transaction reporting section. These same options are available in any report. 

Look for a “Title” area and a “Save Report” button on any report


Examples below   


PO Listing Report 

Title – give the report a name suitable to meet your needs.

Then click the “Save Report” button.


Saving a Top Down report 


Title – give the report a name suitable to meet your needs.

-  Then click the “Save Report” button

Running Saved Reports 


Once a report is saved it will show in the list in the Reports section (Provided you have Security access)

A report can then be run again at any time, edited/adjusted, saved again or secured.


Run a saved report 

  • Double-click on the report to run.
  • Click Print

Editing a saved report

  • Double-click on the report.
  • Click the Edit button
  •  The report editor will open with the saved settings
  •  Make any needed changes to the report parameters.
  •  If you wish to save these new settings (will overwrite previous settings), click Save Report. If not, simply run the report and close when complete

Securing a report 

-   Open any saved report




Other users can be given access to run this report (access only)

Can Print

Users can be given rights to print this report

Can Edit

Users can be given rights to edit the report

Home Page

If you want this report to show in the Reports dropdown menu on the user’s Home screen, check this box