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Last modified on 10/8/2015 9:52 AM by User.

Loading Cut Sheets from Manufacturers

There are two different methods for pulling PDF's into OASIS: unlinked PDF files and linked PDF files

Using Unlinked PDF files

There are multiple ways to get a PDF file that can be used in OASIS.

  • Manually scanning and creating a PDF file from a document center or other scanner
  • Pulling PDF files from CD Rom or other source
  • Saving a copy of a PDF from the manufacturer's website

No matter how you get your PDF files onto your computer, you can drag and drop them into the sections of your manufacturer's catalog.  This manner of bringing in files was our first method of bringing in files and continues to work today.  The down side is that there is no way to be informed that a cut sheet is old or use our utility to to update. 

NOTE: Most of the time you can move these into OASIS. Occasionally, a manufacturer will encrypt its PDFs. In those cases, you can print out the PDF and then scan it creating a new PDF file that can be brought into OASIS.

Using Linked PDF Files

Drag PDF images directly from the website into OASIS.  This is not only easier but it also allows the user to use the update tool in Submittals to extract newer cut sheets in the future. Not every manufacturer's website will work with our Spider tool due to their security. In those instances, user will have to save the PDF and drag it into OASIS using the manual method and foregoing the spider and updating tool. 

Storing / Collecting cut-sheets from manufacturers 

  • Go to Manufacturers, and then click “Cut Sheets”
  • The screen will display all brands represented along with a quick link to the manufacturer's website (www).

  • Click on the brand desired.
  • If a catalog and section have not been created (will say “empty”), then here is how to create them:
  • Right-click on the brand, then click “New Catalog”.

  • The 'Create new catalog' window will appear.

  • Type in a catalog name as needed. Click OK.
  • The catalog will appear in the list.
  • Next, you will need to create at least one section to store the cut sheets.
  • Right-click on the catalog name and select “New Section”.

  • Give the section a name and click OK.

  • Users can create multiple sections to store cut sheets, making them easier to find.
  • To create more sections, repeat the step above.


  • Once sections have been created, you are ready to drop cut sheets in.

Manual Drag and Drop

  • Cut sheets may be dragged and dropped into OASIS sections one at a time or several at a time.
  • Once you have a cut sheet stored on your machine or network, it is a simple process to drag and drop the cut sheets into the section they belong in.

NOTE: to drag multiple cut sheets, highlight as many as needed, then drag and drop.



The Import Preview window will appear, giving the option of re-naming the cut sheet and previewing it before loading into OASIS. Enter a new name here if needed.

 - Preview other pages

 - Once complete, click OK.



The Page Editor window will appear

 - Users can change scale, switch to landscape, rotate, and maximize the cut sheet as needed using the scale dial, check box, or blue bar area to the right or the Tools menu.



Once complete, click OK

 - The cut sheet is now loaded. To check, click the section and the cut sheets will be shown

 - To see the individual pages of the cut sheet, click on the cut sheet name and the pages will be shown.



Now that cut sheets are loaded, they are available to use in creating submittals.

Using the Spider

To start the download spider, just drag and drop files, folders or a link from most any web browser onto the cut sheet catalog. For example, the image below shows dragging the icon representing a web page from a browser:

Any downloaded images that are imported will be stored in the section where the URL was dropped.

Downloads Tab

The downloads tab shows every PDF that was found on the website. The program will try to not load the same page twice; however, similar pages on the website may be found.

Each row consists of:

  • The URL where the cut sheet was downloaded from
  • The name to use when importing into OASIS.
  • The status:
    • Hold - ready to download (only one image is downloaded at a time)
    • Current - the corresponding image already in OASIS matches what was downloaded
    • Ready - the cut sheet has been downloaded and is ready for import
    • Imported - the image was imported
  • Preview Button - shows the PDF, allowing the user to chge the name of the image
  • Import Button - imports the PDF into OASIS. The image editor is shown to make any final adjustments
  • Remove Button - the file is removed from the list and ignored

Log Tab

The log tab shows the download actions being performed. This tab is useful on really large websites to see what is happening. Often the pages reference each other and you might see a lot of links being rejected.

Status Bar

At the bottom of the screen, a status bar shows what is hapening "right now"

  • The web page or PDF being downloaded will show in black text to the left.
  • "Scanning Web Site" will appear in green while the system is scanning pages looking for PDF files
  • "Downloading PDF File" will appear in green while the system is downloading a PDF file

Users can view, name and size these images while importing.  Once imported, the images will be stored in the same manner as the manually entered images.  The only difference is that the images can be updated using the submittals tool so that newer pages are substituted for these pages which would be archived.