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Download Spider


The download spider is the tool used to harvest one or more cut sheets from an external source. The cut sheets are staged in a download area and may be renamed, rejected or imported into the OASIS Cut Sheet catalog.


To start the download spider, just drag and drop files, folders or a link from most any web browser onto the cut sheet catalog. For example, the image below shows dragging the icon representing a web page from a browser:


Any downloaded images that are imported will be stored in the section where the URL was dropped.

Downloads Tab

The downloads tab shows every PDF that was found on the website. The program will try to not load the same page twice; however, similar pages on the website may be found.

Each row consists of:

  • The URL where the cut sheet was downloaded from
  • The name to use when importing into OASIS.
  • The status:
    • Hold - ready to download (only one image is downloaded at a time)
    • Current - the corresponding image already in OASIS matches what was downloaded
    • Ready - the cut sheet has been downloaded and is ready for import
    • Imported - the image was imported
  • Preview Button - shows the PDF, allowing the user to chge the name of the image
  • Import Button - imports the PDF into OASIS. The image editor is shown to make any final adjustments
  • Remove Button - the file is removed from the list and ignored

Log Tab

The log tab shows the download actions being performed. This tab is useful on really large websites to see what is happening. Often the pages reference each other and you might see a lot of links being rejected.

Status Bar

At the bottom of the screen, a status bar shows what is hapening "right now"

  • The web page or PDF being downloaded will show in black text to the left.
  • "Scanning Web Site" will appear in green while the system is scanning pages looking for PDF files
  • "Downloading PDF File" will appear in green while the system is downloading a PDF file

Cut Sheets from an FTP Site

FTP sites are typically password protected, which adds an extra step to launching the download spider. Add these cut sheets by going to the Manufacturer section of Oasis, then to CutSheets2. Find the manufacturer entry, select or create a catalog, then a section. Right click the section and select "Add from URL".

Enter the URL information from the manufacturer in the same format as the example below. 

Once you click Ok, this will launch the download spider window as shown previously.


OASIS will concurrently scan web pages looking for pdf files and concurrently download a PDF file. Only one page and one PDF file will be processed at the same time. This limits the amount of internet bandwidth OASIS will consume while downloading a web site.

Known Issues

Certain websites are coded in formats such as .asp for a number of reasons. Most commonly, the designs are meant for delivering search results faster, though there are also several security features will block OASIS' attempts to "crawl" through the site in search of PDF files. As a result, this feature will not work with all websites.