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Last modified on 6/17/2016 4:11 PM by User.


Page Editor


The page editor is used to review and annotate a cut sheet. Highlights may be added as required to the cut-sheet. However, the cut sheet may not be "moved" or resized in the page editor.


  • File
    • Next Page - edit the next page for the item
    • Prev Page - edit previous page for the item
    • Edit Properties - edit the properties for the selected highlight
    • Print - print the cut sheet
    • Close - close the window
  • Edit
    • Select All - select all highlights
    • Cut - cut selected highlights
    • Copy - copy selected highlights
    • Paste - paste previously cut or copied highlights
    • Delete - delete selected highlights
    • Duplicate
      • Up - copy selected highlight up
      • Down - copy selected highlight down
      • Left - copy selected highlight to the left
      • Right - copy selected highlight to the right
    • Edit Text - edit highlight text
    • Next - select next highlight (or just press <ENTER>)
    • Prev - select previous highlight

Tool Bar

  • Select tool - to to select highlight using the mounse and "dragging" a selection area.
  • Highlight tool - draw a new highlight
  • Oval tool - draw a new oval highlight
  • Line tool - draw a new line
  • Arrow tool - draw a new arrow
  • Delete selected - delete selected highlights
  • Print - print the cut sheet
  • Zoom in - zoom in (magnify)
  • Zoom out - zoom out (make smaller)
  • Properties - edit selected highlight properties


Canvas / Image Area

The cut sheet is shown in the canvas area. When the highlight tool is selected (and is by default), using the mouse to click and drag across the cut sheet will draw a new highlight. The canvas area works much like other graphics applications today. If the highlight is double clicked, it opens the Highlight Properties dialog box.


Highlight Properties

  • Preview - shows a preview of what the selected color will appear as
  • Transparent - toggle background transparency
  • Border - set color and size of border
  • Text - set text to appear on highlight
  • Bold - bold the text
  • Italics - italicize the text
  • Font selector - choose the font for the text
  • Font size - set font size
  • Horizontal alignment - set horizontal alignment
  • Vertical alignment - set horizontal alignment
  • Color - set color for appropriate field

If "Set As Default" is checked, it saves the settings to the user preferences, and can be copied to another user via the method described here: Copy User Settings.

Task bar

  • Base image date - date of the base image. Will turn RED if the image is out of date *
  • Edit base image - use the image editor to edit the base image
  • Edit Highlight - edit the selected highlight properties
  • Page Edit / View - List of the cut sheet pages for this item. Click on one to edit the related page. The asterisk shows the current page.
  • Quick Clips - use "add new clip" to store the selected highlight as a quick clip. Click on a clip to use it on the next draw. Right Click on the clip to remove it.


  • Save and Close - save changes and close
  • Cancel - close and cancel edit.
  • Part/Catalog Number - shows the part/catalog number for the current item.


* An image is out of date if the image was created using an older version of OASIS or if the image is more than 6 months old.