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Submittals»Submittal Editor window
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Submittal Editor window


The submittal editor allows users to add material to the submittal (the Bill of Material or BOM), lookup and assign images. The Page and Image editors are accessible from this screen as well.


  • File
    • Save - save changes
    • Print - print the submittal
    • Export - export to .oasisz file
    • Edit Quote - close and open the related quote/order
    • Preference - select and arrange columns to show
    • Close - close the editor
  • Edit
    • Copy - copy selected item
    • Add Row - add row above selected line
    • Move Row Up - move selected row up
    • Move Row Down - move selected row down
    • Delete Row - remove selected row
  • Tools - currently unused
  • Help - the standard OASIS help menu

Tool Bar

  • Save - save changes
  • Print - print the submittal
  • Add Row - add row above selected line
  • Move Row Up - move selected row up
  • Move Row Down - move selected row down
  • Delete Row - remove selected row


  • Project - project name to show when printed
  • Location (City / State) - location to show when printed
  • Submitted On - Date submitted
  • Submitted By - Name to show when printed
  • Bid Date - Bid date to show when printed
  • Customer - Customer addressed to
  • Specifier 1 - Specifier to show on cover letter
  • Specifier 2 - Specifier to show on cover letter
  • Front and Back - Print fron and back (duplex)


The items are divided into the OASIS cut sheets library (also called catalog) and the submittal bill of material (BOM). The catalog appears on the left side of the screen and the BOM shows on the right. Using the thick slider bar, you are able to hide the application if needed - just click on the arrow:

Catalog / Cut Sheets

By manufacturer

See the cut sheets application for more information.

Once an image or PDF is stored in the catalog, it can be added to the bill of material by dragging and dropping image icons to the "Drop Here" icons.


The attachments section of the catalog is shown, allowing new attachments to be added to the submittal and to allow supported attachments to be added to the submittal when printed. (NOTE: most cut sheets should be added under the manufacturer's name and not the attachments of the project or submittal. Add cover sheets, custom drawings and other PDF files unique to this project.)


Templates are used to change the behavior of a line:

  • Blank Page - drop on a line and allow the user to draw boxes and text on a blank page. Great for adding a cover or other documentation.
  • BOM Only - the line will not print a page, but will appear on the bill of material pages. Great for showing a lamp line for the BOM, but not showing a spec sheet.

Bill of Material

The bill of material in submittals shows each part/catalog number representing the product in the submittal. Other information about the product may be keyed in the description, quantity and other columns. To the right of the material are the pages of the cut sheet including drop areas for adding cut sheets to the item.


Columns may be selected and arranged using the "Preferences" menu item.

  • Type - the fixture type
  • Quantity - the quantity to show when printed
  • MFG - the manufacturer
  • Part - the part/catalog number
    NOTE: anytime the part field is changed and there are no pages for the item, a scan of the catalog is performed using the standard OASIS matching logic.
  • Description - description (not normally shown on the page, but does show when the BOM is printed)
  • Notes - notes which are shown on the cut sheet and the BOM when printed

Action Links

Action links act like web page links and are activated by clicking one time.

  • Show Description - toggle the description on this line
  • Show Notes - toggle the notes on this line
  • WWW - show the website for this item (if the URL was itdentified for the base PDF file). Otherwise show the factory's website (if recorded in OASIS).
  • Learn - learn this one item. A rescan of all matching lines without pages is performed allowing the learned item to immediately be copied to other lines on the submittal


The pages represent the cut sheets for the item:

  • To edit the page, click on the page icon
  • Drag an image from the catalog to the "Drop" text to add the page to the submittal
  • Drag an image from the catalog and drop on an existing image to replace it
  • Click on the "[X]" to remove a single page from the item
  • Click on the "[m]" text to toggle between viewed and unviewed (this is the marker to show what pages you have viewed/edited).


Remarks appear above the BOM on the submittal and transmittal letters

The notes appear below the BOM on the subimittal and transmittal letters


The standard OASIS attachments tab.

Task Bar

  • Scan Catalog - For each item without pages, the standard OASIS logic is used to search for a matching set of pages.
  • Learn All - the pages are scanned and added to the catalog (learned) for the next submittal. Unlike the older submittals application, the new version will replace old highlighted images with newly learned part/catalog numbers. This allows a replacement cut-sheet to be quickly added to OASIS: just drag into OASIS, then the project; highlight and learn.