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Submittals»Submittals 2 (listing)
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Last modified on 8/26/2010 2:20 PM by User.


Submittals 2 (listing)


The submittals listing is similar to other applications in OASIS in that new submittals projects may be created "from scratch" and existing submittal projects may be found using a number of search routines.

(NOTE: This document describes the new “Submittals2” application which will be renamed simply “Subumittals” when the new version of the application is adopted by most OASIS users.)


  • File
    • New
      • New Submittal Set - create a new submittal "from scratch" where the material (BOM) is manually keyed
      • New Submittal Like - create a new submittal from an existing submittal
    • Open - open (edit) the selected submittal
    • Find - The submittal find feature
    • Export - export the submittal as an .oasisz file
    • Delete - delete the submittal. THERE IS NO UNDO - SO USE CARE
    • Refresh - refresh the listing by re-running the last search
    • Open Catalog - open the cut sheet catalog in another window
    • Print - print the selected submittal
    • Preferences - select columns to show in the listing. User specific.
    • Close - close the main OASIS window
  • Edit
    • Copy - copy selected cells - great for pasting into a spread sheet
    • Paste - not used
  • Tools
    • Update Subscriptions - download cut sheet updates from teh OASIS image library
    • Setup Subscriptions - link factory names in your database to factories in the OASIS image library. A library of pre-highlighted cut sheets!
  • Help - the standard OASIS help menu

Task / Search Bar

  • Find - The submittal find feature
  • Project - key part or all of the project name and press <ENTER> or the "go" button. The asterisk may be used in this search.
  • Day Views
    • Today - show submittals created today
    • 2 days - show submittals created in the past 2 days
    • 7 days - show submittals created in the past 7 days
    • Days __ go - key the number of days to search and press "go"