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Project Follow Up Meeting


Every group has a sales meeting of some sort, whether it’s a conversation in the hall or a set meeting every Monday morning.

OASIS has numerous reports including a Bid Board report, Project Status or a simple Master Quote List report that many groups currently use. In these meetings, many times notes are taken and/or information given that need to be added to the job. OASIS can help.


If your meetings can consist of a room, people and a projector (or you would like them to), OASIS has a great way to get more out of your meetings, here’s what you can do:

-    View jobs, review, see previous notes, status, who was quoted and information

-    Add notes

-    View and add attachments

-    All in the meeting and all PAPERLESS!


Here’s how: 

-    In Projects, go to Tools and select “Follow-Up Meeting”.

-    Type in the Job name (even part of the name – OASIS will find it)

-    OR use Status to list all jobs with a certain status.


-    In this example we are looking for a single job, “UCA” was typed in, clicked “go”

-    A listing appeared for all jobs with “UCA” in the name



Next Example: 

 -   Typical Meeting example (looking at all “New” jobs).

 -   Click on the Status drop down and select New.


-   Select a job (click on it)

-   In this example, we clicked on “Cabot Mall – Training”

-   OASIS opens the job in the “Follow Ups” tab.

-   It also allows access to the Attachments tab as well.


Enter any information needed for the Follow Ups tab or Attachments tab can be entered

To toggle Up & Down the list of jobs, use the Arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen or

For help using the Attachments tab, click here.

For help using the Follow Ups tab, click here. 

Once complete, you toggle Up & Down the list of jobs using the Arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen or click on another job