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Month YTD Recap


One of the newer reports in OASIS is the Month YTD Report which takes a look at the month selected and compares it to the same month last year. It can show Sales $$, Earnings, Invoiced $$ and Paid $$. This report gives you an idea of how you are progressing from the previous year and can reveal some interesting trends. As with other reports, the last column will give you a percent of all business based on the “Row Headings” selected. The default selection is Manufacturer but it may also be run by Customer, CSR, Sales Account and a number of other options.


To run the report: 

-   Go to Reports

-   Then Worksheets (toolbar), then Top Down Reporting


-    In the Report area, click the drop down and select Month YTD Recap


Notice the Row Headings area:

  • Manufacturer – this is the default, but you can drag & drop other options from the “Filter” area on the left side on the screen – just simply drag & drop.
  • Month can be adjusted
  • Sales, Earnings, Invoiced and Paid dollars can be checked to show on the report or unchecked to not show
  • Ordered By – report can be sorted by any option in the drop down

 Example to switch to Customers:

-   Drag & drop Customer from the Fields area to the left to the Row Headings area

-   When the options and filters are set, click “Update” in the upper left of the screen to run the report.

-   Print


An example of the report is below