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Aged Invoice Report


How much does the manufacturer or customer owe us?


Agencies tracking invoice and payment information in OASIS will want run this report monthly. After an order is sent, invoices/shipments are then applied and then a check is received and applied to those invoices. There could be multiple invoices applied to an order. The bottom-line though is to make sure your company gets what it is due on these invoices. This report will show all invoices that have not been fully paid*. They will be grouped by Manufacturers.


*Exclusions are:

 - Invoices manually closed or that have met the "threshold" set in the Manufacturer setup

 - Invoices that have been fully paid


Aged Invoices Report - Invoices that have not been paid or still open.
To create the report:

  • Go to Invoices, then Reports, then select “Aged Invoices”. The Aged Invoices window will appear to enter the parameters for the report. 

  • Output to – produce the report as needed. 
  • Title – by default the title of the report is Aged Invoice Report, but if you are saving this style of report for future reports you can re-name the report as needed (if saving, please click the “Save Report” button at the bottom of the window. 
  • Aged Invoices radio button should be pressed. 
  • Show Details and Show Totals page should be checked. 
  • Timeframe – enter the timeframe for this report to cover.
  • Resell - If you are using the Buy/Sell features in OASIS, you can generate an invoice report showing customer invoices that have not been fully paid by checking the "Resell" box. 

If you are needing to report for all manufacturers, leave the Manufacturer blank. If reporting on certain manufacturer(s), click the “add..” button and in the window, select the manufacturer(s) for the report. If no manufacturer is selected (added), then OASIS will report on all manufacturers.

  • Click Print. OASIS should produce a report similar to the one below.
  • The invoices fall into the date range according to the invoice entry date.

  • The report is Grouped By manufacturers


In case you'd like more information, here are The Technical Details of the Aged Invoice Report