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Truncating the OASIS Log file
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Last modified on 3/16/2011 4:43 PM by User.


Truncating the OASIS Log file



Managing the size of OASIS is easily done since there are only 2 files to manage:

  • The “OASIS.db” and “OASIS.log” files.

The “db” file is the main database file and should be handled with care. There is also “log” file that essentially is a rollback back file that helps us get your system restored in case you should have problems with the database. If you have a good verified backup system in place, the “log” file can be truncated and removed from time to time. The document below will explain the process.


NOTE – this should be performed when there are no other users in OASIS. 


WARNING! – Make sure you have a recent good backup before proceeding. 


Truncating the log file (assumes you have administration rights to OASIS)

  • Go to Configuration, then Software
  • NOTE – it may take a few seconds to truncate the log file.
  • Then click “Backup Transaction Log” (blue, as shown below)


The Question window will appear suggesting that you perform this action when no other users are in OASIS. We recommend this.


Once the process is complete:

  • Open the directory/file where the OASIS database resides.
  • In that folder, you will see a new “log” file with today’s date similar to the one below with an “AA” on the end of the file name.
  • ** This file can be moved to create more space and manage file size
  • Notice it has reduced the main “oasis.log” file considerably

** We recommend that you save these truncating log files on a separate drive, CD, DVD. Many users have chosen to buy an inexpensive flash drive or USB drive.


PLEASE call us if you have any questions or concerns about the process – 501-843-6750