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Creating a New Workgroup
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Last modified on 6/17/2015 1:45 PM by User.

Creating a New Workgroup


With OASIS you have the ability to separate your business into workgroups if needed. This document will explain how to set up workgroups either initially or after you have been using OASIS. We highly encourage you to call our office and ask to speak with a trainer to discuss this option before proceeding. Having an understanding of how workgroups function is essential for initial setup. 

There are several possible uses for additional workgroups:

  • Branch offices
  • Different areas of the business: lighting, controls, etc
  • Additional businesses

Creating a New Workgroup

  • Go to Configuration, then Workgroups
  • You should see at least one workgroup

From here there are two ways to create workgroups.

  • Click on the New Workgroup button (). 
  • Follow File Path : File > New Workgroup. 

Workgroup Editor


  • NOTE – the Workgroup ID is what will show as the prefix to all quotes and orders from this workgroup. Example based on the workgroup ID entry below would be “INGEN15-123” as opposed to your existing workgroup.
  • NOTE –  The Location ID and Department ID fields are not commonly used and can be left alone for most users.

Add a Logo for the New Workgroup

  • Drag and drop (or open folder to search for) a logo file in .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG format onto both the Large Logo and Small Logo area and resize using the zoom slider.
  • NOTE – Keep the logo in the grid and aligned left for best results
  • NOTE – The Large Logo prints on reports and the Small Logo prints on all customer facing documents


  • NOTE - Once you have the logos entered you can also have an output footer. This is a single line that shows at the bottom of quotes and orders. It can be anything you would like. Most commonly, it is used for a company website or a "Thank you for your business" note.

Contact Information tab

  • Enter the address of the company – this is what will appear on quotes and orders from this workgroup
  • Enter all phone and fax number as they will also appear on quotes and orders.

Order Entry

  • If you would like orders to default to a certain account, maybe a house account you can double-click the cell under Commission Accounts and select the default account all orders will go to. Groups who credit sales accounts/person will leave this blank.

Terms tab

  • This option will allow you to enter notes that you want to show on all quotes and orders from this workgroup.
  • Select one of the tabs to the right and enter the notes (these can be changed any time).
  • NOTE – these notes only apply to this workgroup.

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