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Users»Creating a New User
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Last modified on 3/30/2016 1:17 PM by User.

Creating a New User

This document will explain how to create new users in OASIS. A user with administrator rights to the Users section must be logged in. If this is for a demo or initial setup, the demo account has admin rights already.


Go to Configuration > Users.


To create a new user account, click the File menu and select New.

General Tab



Field Purpose / Usage

User ID (required) 

What the user types in the User ID on the login screen when first logging into OASIS. They will need to remember this ID 

First Name 

Users first name - This will appear several places in OASIS, for instance on printed documents as the originator of the document 

Middle Name 

Same as above 

Last Name 

Same as above 

Roles – CSR 

If user creates orders at any time, check this box. The user will appear the list of CSR’s when creating PO’s. 

Roles – Quoter 

If user creates Projects/Quotes at anytime, check this box. The User will appear the list of Quoters when creating Projects or Quotes 

Security – Workgroup ID 

Workgroup (Territory) this user is assigned to 

Security – Password (not required) 

If using passwords, enter password. They will need to remember this password. If password is not used, leave blank and “No Password” box must be checked 

Security – No Password 

Must be checked if not using passwords 

Security – Active 

Is user active? Do not delete inactive users, they are related to existing transactions in OASIS, simply make them inactive .

PayDay Reporting – Comm. Acct 

Is this user receiving credit for commission? Select their name from the drop down menu. 

PayDay Reporting – Percent of Commission 

What percentage of commission (if any) does this user receive? 

PayDay Reporting – Percent of Overage 

What percentage of the Overage (if any) does this user receive? 

PayDay Reporting – Percent of Margin 

What percentage of the Margin (for resale – if any) does this user receive? 

If using Passwords

  • You must enter the Password in the text box then un-check the “No Password” box.

  • When the user logs in to OASIS they must enter their User ID and Password to proceed 

  • The password cannot be the same as the User ID

Contact Information tab


If needed, add the Users home information (not required) 


Security tab


Select the Users access to applications in OASIS – see the Security Settings Help Sheet for more detailed information.



Workgroup Access 


Check the boxes for the workgroups this user needs access to, if applicable.


Enter information here as needed (not required).

Notes tab


Covering Other Users 

  • If this user is replacing another user, you can assign jobs from previous user to the new user by using “Covering” 
  • Jobs with then become the new users responsibility (or assigned to) 


You may add any attachment here as needed.


You can add the columns for Create Date and Update User to keep up with any changes that might be made.

Inactivating Users

Users that are no longer affiliated with your agency should be made Inactive. Do not delete these users, only make them Inactive. Deleting a user can case data loss.