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Configuration (Admin)»Security Settings
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Security Settings

The security settings in OASIS allow groups to control access to certain parts of OASIS may need to be restricted or users may simply not need certain applications on their screen. Through the individual user setup, OASIS is able adjust users rights to certain parts of the program or functionality of the applications (i.e. printing reports) 

The instructions below walk you through this process. 


NOTE: Call Ingen for recommendations on the number of Administrative (Admin) users your group will need. 


Go to Configuration, then Users


Then click the “New” button on the toolbar or go to File, then New. 

Enter the items as needed on the General tab and Contact Information tab


Go to the “Security” tab


Descriptions for each User Security Setting


Copy User Settings 


To copy a user’s settings to other users, go to Configuration, then Users 

-    Select the users you are copying to – hold the “Control” key down and select users. 

-    Then go to File, then


The Copy Settings window will appear. 

-    Check the Security check box 

-    The users to receive the settings should be listed in the bottom part of the window 

-    Select the User whose settings are to be copied from



Click OK. 

The user's settings have been copied and will be effective the next time the user logins.

See also:Sales Account Security